4 Common Causes of Anxiety Attacks

Recommended Anxiety Attack ProductTo understand the causes of anxiety attacks, you should first understand that there are a lot of anxiety disorders, and thus a lot of things that could contribute to an anxiety attack.  One person’s trigger will not necessarily lead another person to have an attack, however, there are a few things that have been shown to increase the odds of having anxiety attacks.  There is no definitive cause of anxiety attacks, but researchers have identified a host of environmental, biological, psychological, cultural and life experiences that can lead to increased risks for anxiety attacks.

Put your Anxiety Attacks Behind You

Firstly, some people may have a genetic predisposition toward anxiety attacks.  This is, however, not a reason to give up searching for help to relieve your anxiety, but there is strong evidence that heredity and the environment you were brought up in can lead to anxiety problems.  Studies show that anxiety disorders do have a tendency to run in families.  In cases of identical twins, when one twin develops an anxiety condition, the other twin runs a much higher risk of acquiring the same condition.  In non-identical twins, there seems to be a weaker link, indicating that genetics plays a strong role in some anxiety cases.  However, there is evidence that anxiety can be a learned behavior that children can pick up from modeling their primary caregivers.

Another cause of anxiety attacks is personality.  Certain personality types have been observed to be more likely in developing anxiety disorders.  Individuals with low self-esteem will often have a greater risk of anxiety attacks than those with high self-esteem.  Also, people that have poor coping skills may have a higher occurrence of panic attacks.  Perfectionists, or “type A” personalities may be prone to anxiety and panic attacks or even nervous breakdowns when their meticulous plans don’t live up to their expectations.  Fortunately, you can change any of these things by adopting new beliefs or becoming more flexible.

Certain life experiences can also be causes of anxiety attacks.  Stressful life experiences have been shown to have a relationship to anxiety attacks, especially when they involve poverty, violence, and abusive situations that span a long period of time.  If you have a experienced some sort of trauma that you believe may be contributing to your anxiety, you may wish to seek out therapy to work through your issues.

Some medical conditions can also lead to an increased amount of anxiety.  An overactive thyroid, high blood pressure, or diabetes can cause symptoms that can contribute to anxiety attacks.  Sometimes the stress alone of dealing with a serious illness can begin to take it’s toll and cause anxiety.

This short introduction into the causes of anxiety attacks will hopefully help you understand some of the many factors that can contribute to panic and anxiety disorders.  Through understanding, I hope that you can begin your road to recovering from your anxiety problem.

Put your Anxiety Attacks Behind You

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