Tips for People Afraid to Fly

afraid to flyTraveling by airplane is becoming a common part of our lives.  Whether we are flying to another city for business or embarking on a long-awaited vacation, air travel is everywhere.  Many people today are afraid to fly or have a certain phobia around air travel that may even escalate to a panic attack.

What you should know about aerophobia (another term for fear of flying) is that it can be traced back to many potential root fears–not just being afraid to fly.  Some people may have a fear of falling, while others may have claustrophobia due to the cramped conditions that usually accompany flying.  Some may have difficulty letting go and trusting that the plane will fly safely; others may be impacted by news reports of horrifying crashes.  There are truly limitless possible reasons why someone may be afraid to fly.

Discover How to Overcome Your Fear of Flying

Discover How to Overcome Your Fear of Flying

So, what are some tips that can make flying more of an enjoyable experience?

Firstly, it is helpful to have a good understanding of your fear and exactly what aspect of flying triggers it.  Do you know the root cause of this phobia?  Does it go back to some sort of trauma you experienced as a child?  The more you know about your fear, the better shape you will be in when it comes to confronting it and dealing with it so you can put an end to that sense of anxiety that can come with flying.

If you feel that learning more could help put your mind at ease, then by all means do that.  If your fear comes from the fact that you don’t clearly understand how airplanes work and how they can stay in the air, then reading through a few books that explain this in plain English could be beneficial for you.

Seek out support.  You can turn to your friends or family, if you feel they will be sympathetic.  There are also a good deal of internet discussion forums where you can share your experiences with others and they can offer understanding advice.  If you can afford to spend a little money, you can also seek the help of a professional therapist or psychologist in your area to help your area.

Look into other options too.  There are some good courses out there on the internet that you can download and work through at your own leisure.  Often people that are afraid to fly can find useful tools and techniques in courses and e-books geared toward panic and anxiety attacks.

If you’re afraid to fly, you should know that there are countless people out there that have managed to overcome the problem and so can you.  Flying should be an exciting experience whisking you away to your next vacation or sending you to a new city to take care of important business, and it can be exciting once you start to master your fears and control your anxiety.

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afraid to fly

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