Conquering Panic Attacks While Driving

Panic Attacks While DrivingHaving panic attacks while driving is surprisingly common.  It may seem strange that a person might have a fear or even phobia about driving since most people consider driving a relatively safe daily activity, but when you think about it driving as actually quite a dangerous task.

Cars weigh around 2000 pounds (900 Kg), and when they’re traveling at freeway speeds, they can kill quite easily with even the slightest misjudgment or error.  Most people don’t give a second thought to jumping behind the wheel and zipping around town to run errands, but others have subconscious fears and concerns that seem to come up when they think about getting into their cars.

Stop Panic Attacks while Driving

Sometimes it’s not even a fear of driving, it may in fact be a fear of being far away from your home.  If you are having panic attacks while driving on a frequent basis, consider digging deeper and you might find an interesting root cause that is triggering your panic attacks.

How can you get a handle on your panic attacks while driving?  You have to be able to build up a tolerance to it.  It may be that the act of driving is simply too overwhelming for you.

What are some strategies to build up a tolerance to driving and lessen your panic attacks while driving in your car?  In the past, you could only rely on therapy and anxiety medications to help you manage panic attacks–unfortunately these don’t do much good when your in your car.  These days, though, there are great breakthroughs being made against anxiety and panic attacks that are quickly leaving therapy and medications in the dust.

As we begin to understand the human brain better, we can start to understand what triggers panic attacks and how the brain operates in high-stress and fight-or-flight situations.  We now know that strong emotional reactions tend to originate from an area of the brain called the Amygdala or the “reptile brain.”  This is a very ancient part of the brain that evolved long before the more sophisticated parts of our brains.  When this part of the brain gets over stimulated, it triggers our fight-or-flight reaction and many of us get panic attacks as a result.

Panic attacks while driving are cause be over stimulating the Amygdala in some way.  Break your driving routine down into smaller steps that won’t send set off your Amygdala.  Start by just sitting in your car.  Once you’re comfortable with that try turning the ignition and so on.  By taking it one step at a time, you’ll soon build up comfort while being in your car and you’ll be free from panic attacks while driving.

Regain the Confidence to Drive Comfortably

Phobia of Driving

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